Living Squad Binoculars Gift Set for Boys and Girls

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Living Squads binoculars Specifications:

  • EYE INJURIES CAN BE SERIOUS — The larger rubber eyepieces of Living Squad binoculars sit comfortably around the eyes, preventing children from being poked or hurting their eyes on travels. To avoid any mishaps, their neck strap comes with a quick-release buckle. To wear with glasses, fold eyepieces. Binoculars can also be adjusted to fit the eye-to-eye distance of any child. Their  binoculars make fantastic birthday gifts and are fun for the whole family to use!
  • DURABLE AND SHOCKPROOF BODY – Anti-friction plastic and shock-proof rubber coating technologies absorb shock during falls; tested to ensure binoculars survive mishaps. On their binoculars, they offer a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE as well as a LIFETIME FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. More than a toy, these binoculars are also excellent for hunting and bird watching.
  • MAGNIFICATION OF 8×21 WITH HIGH-QUALITY OPTICS – Their tiny binoculars with bak-4 roof prisms give crisp, clear, and colorful views in high resolution, so you can forget about hazy images. The 8×21 zoom is ideal for bringing the world closer to your little explorer by 8 times. Boys and girls will enjoy using these little binoculars outdoors and in sports events.
  • EASY TO USE FOR KIDS AND ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED – Any child can grasp these Living Squad binoculars since they have a complete grip that is easy and entertaining to use. The Center Dial makes focusing a breeze.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR TRAVEL, EXPLORATION, AND SPY GAMES. SCIENCE KITS FOR KIDS INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOUR KID NEEDS FOR STAR GAZING, ASTRONOMY, STUDYING THE SOLAR SYSTEM AND GALAXY, and SCIENCE KITS FOR KIDS INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOUR KID NEEDS.  Plastic Carabiner, Bird eCalendar, Belt Carrying Case, 2-Foot Long Breakaway Neck Strap, Plastic Carabiner, Operations Manual, and Cleaning Cloth are all included in this binoculars set.

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Parents desire Living Squad binoculars for their children because they have HIGH-QUALITY OPTICS and a DURABLE BODY.

The Living Squad binoculars are adult binoculars in a kid-friendly package. Many other binoculars are adorable but lack true optics; others are excellent but too delicate for children to hold.


Binoculars with an 8x magnification magnify objects 8 times larger and closer than if you didn’t use binoculars at all. More over 8x magnification is too much for kids since it reduces the field of view, making it difficult to identify and follow birds.

Rubber eyepieces with a larger diameter that sit comfortably around the eye to:

  • When exploring, avoid poking your child’s eyes with the eyepieces.
  • The rubber will not damage your child’s face, and most binoculars lack this feature.

1. Close your right eye and use your left to find an object. Using the focus wheel, adjust the image until it is sharp and clear.

2. Close your left eye and open your right. Rotate the right eyepiece until the image is clear and sharp.

3. Close one eye and open the other; you should now have perfect concentration.


Living Squad carefully thought of all the features that would make these perfect for kids

Really cool colors immediately attract a child’s sight, also DURABLE AND SHOCKPROOF to always provide the best experience for your children

COMPACT to fit a kid’s hand and lightweight enough to be carried around

MUST-HAVE accessories included! You get a break-away neck strap and a carabiner to easily hang the case.

So easy to use, your child can focus or adjust the binoculars without the help of an adult

They strive to deliver the highest possible quality in children’s binoculars.

Furthermore, they work relentlessly to give OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SUPPORT, and they will gladly assist you with any difficulty!

As a result, they provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing flaws.

2 ft. Break-Away Neck Strap, Belt Carrying Case, Cleaning Cloth, Instructions Manual, Plastic Carabiner ACCESSORIES INCLUDED



5 reviews for Living Squad Binoculars Gift Set for Boys and Girls

  1. word puzzle fan from IL

    Pleasing gift for hiker

    This was a gift for our granddaughter’s 4th Birthday. She loved the binoculars and couldn’t wait to try them out. She loves hiking with her family and will get lots of use from her gift. The binoculars seemed very sturdy and easy to use. Time will tell if they hold up to a very active, adventurous gal !

  2. Jo

    Crystal clear!

    Crystal clear! I was really impressed! I will update my review after my grandson (4) has had them a few weeks to let you know how they hold up and how useable they are for him but when I used them I was honestly amazed at the clarity!

    2 people found this helpful

  3. Rebecca

    My granddaughters new favorite thing!

    She calls it her “eye spyers”. She carries them everywhere, she sleeps with it, she constantly looks through them. I am so happy and her love for these are way more than I ever expected. Thanks!

  4. Cdywolfe

    Great product, great price

    These binoculars work fantastically!! I wasn’t expecting much because of the price. My 7 year old LOVES them. She uses them all the time. It’s easy for her to adjust the focus and find what she is looking for. I tried them out and the magnification/quality is something I would have expected from something more expensive. Definitely worth the money!!!

  5. Artre H. Rusk

    Well made

    Bought them for a National Park trip. Durable rubber coated and small enough to put in coat pocket. Good value for the price.

    One person found this helpful

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