RockBros Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses

When it comes time to buy new sunglasses, I prefer a photochromic lens over polarized. I’m not all about switching lenses or having one shade of color. RockBros photochromic cycling sunglasses are ideal for people who like the lenses simplicity. For me they are my solution of cycling glasses.

What is a photochromic lens?

Photochromic lenses, also known as transitional lenses provide 100% protection from UV light. The most hassle free way to protect your eyes from the harmful UV exposure to sunlight. Transitional lenses darken when exposed to UV rays. Then lighten when the UV light subsides.
Even on a cloudy days. UV rays penetrate through clouds. Causing your RockBros photochromic cycling sunglasses to transition between clear and tinted. The only time the lens will not transition is while you are driving a vehicle.  Windshield’s blocks the majority of UV rays.
Photochromic lenses are available in a variety of material and design. RockBros cycling glasses have a coating of UV400 protection on their goggles lens.
RockBros photochromic cycling sunglasses on inside
RockBros Photochromic lenses inside my office
RockBros Photocromic Cycling Sunglasses Lens Outdoors
RockBros Photochromic lenses outside on a sunny day

Is photochromic better than polarized?

It comes down to preference. Polarized lenses are one color. Most often that is black. They do protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they don’t transition. Polarized lenses stay the same tint.
When it comes to the price of eyewear, RockBros polarized bicycle glasses tend to be cheaper in price. Again, the preference of the lens type is of the consumer.

Are RockBros glasses good?

On our website their cycling sunglasses have 5 out of 5 star reviews. Customers from all over the globe are leaving reviews. Mentioning the quality is excellent. Their comfortable, and that they are the perfect bike sunglasses.
The features of these sports goggles fit what most buyers look for in cycling eyewear.
  • These RockBros cycling sunglasses have a frameless plastic frame. Designed to not hinder the bike riders peripheral view
  • So lightweight you will forget you have them on. Weighing 30 grams / 1 ounce. You’ll be able to wear these goggles for extended periods of time. Without them putting pressure on your nose or temples
  • Safety lenses that are durable, flexible, impact resistant, shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Protecting your eyes from debris. Lenses are UV400 coated
  • Built in sweat guard to prevent sweat from running into your eyes
  • Comfortable anti slip nose clips. That are adjustable to prevent goggles from slipping off your face. While playing other non contact sports
  • Included items with the RockBros photochromic cycling goggles are. A protective carrying case. 1 scratch resistant carrying bag. A scratch resistant cleaning cloth. 1 myopia frame
  • Note: Models 1041 & 1043 in the RockBros photochromic cycling sunglasses category are the only models with removable frames and that come with the headband. All polarized cycling goggles have removable frames and come with the headband.
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